ZINGORA school, Rhinebeck, NY, July 12 – 14 2019

Workshop and Concerts with students

After forty years of touring globally as a professional singer and violinist, it has become my dream to open a small vocal school in Rhinebeck, NY. Over the years I have received many invitations to teach. Now I am ready to make this the focus of my work. Through my experiences offering workshops and mentoring students one on one, I know teaching to be immensely gratifying for both my students and me. I believe in the freedom of the voice, and of using the voice as a tool for expressing our deepest needs and desires. I have worked with children and adults, professional singers and people who have never sung before. It would be my goal to create a school that welcomes people from all different backgrounds, including families and those who are unable to pay the full tuition.

July 12 – 14 2019

As the school grows it would be bring me great joy to invite musicians I have met from around the world to share their expertise as guest teachers. At first, the curriculum will take its focus with the Moravian, Slovak and Roma folk melodies that have been central to my music. In addition, my teaching will emphasize free expression, improvisation, and connection with nature.

More info:  www.zingora-vocal-school.com