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  1. On the Žingora School of Voice website Iva writes, ” … my teaching will emphasize free expression, improvisation, and connection with nature.” Over the course of this challenging and inspiring workshop, we learned not only what she may have meant with these words, we lived her meaning. Together. All of us. An unforeseen, blessed gift of a milepost to gaze back upon as we each continue ahead on our varied and unique paths. “The way growing up should have been”.

  2. Všechno nejlepší k narozeninám,hodně zdraví a štěstí a excelentních koncertů..

  3. This workshop allowed me to let go of control and allow space for pure creativity that is within me to come out. The combination of improvisation and nature welcomes the space for the purest form of creativity. Thank you so much Iva!! I already feel a difference in my creativity. I am more aware of when I have fear or overthinking my ideas or expression. I am excited to continue challenging myself to just GO FOR IT! And try different things and put myself in many different musical environments.

  4. Ahoj, Hanka Paterova, drivejsi spoluzacka. Dneska /Hradecky Slunovrat/ jsem se osmelila te oslovit a ty jsi si vzpomnela, z cehoz jsem mela velkou radost. Jenom jsem chtela dodat takovou zvlastnost. Uplynulo skoro padesat let a zajimavy postreh, ze se prostredi nekterych mych snu, nebo prostredi knizek, ktere zrovna ctu, situuje do vaseho drivejsiho bytu na Lidicke v Opave. Ja si pamatuju komletni zarizeni vasi chodby, mista, kde staval cimbal, piano a basa. Vzpominam si na tvuj uzasny cerveny rolak a zelenou bundu s trasnemi, ktere ti tata/Koloman privezl z Japonska. Sranda, ale asi to bude tim, ze si pri poslechu tve hudby na vsechno intenzivneji vzpominam. Tva hudba me uklidnuje, predavas energii, inspiruje me, nabiji a mam ji moc rada. Koncert na hradeckem Slunovratu opet nadhera. Přeji hodně úspěchů v tvorbe, zdraví a štěstí v tvém soukromém životě. Hanka

  5. 1996 Lyrics J.P.Duprey Music Iva Bittová Translation Inka Savrda Blind groping of your palms On my trembling breasts Slow movements of your rigid tongue In my eager ears My entire beauty drowned In your eyes that lack pupils And death in your loins that devours my brain all this makes me a strange young lady. Les machinations aveugles de tes mains Sur mes seins frissonnants Les mouvements lents de ta langue paralysée Dans mes oreilles pathétiques Toute ma beauté noyée dans tes yeux sans prunelles La mort dans ton ventre qui mange ma cervelle Tout ceci fait de moi une étrange demoiselle. JOYCE MANSOUR, 1953

  6. i would be happy if you did a concert in north vietnam but you have to have several girls with long legs and short skirts and persistant electric drum and …. okay, don’t come!

  7. the worst paid job i ever had but how i miss the czechlands of havel’s time. real culture, especially mistress bittova. i hope your country is not too contaminated by free markets and mcdonalds