Datum vydání: 2019-10-16

Paolo Angeli & Iva Bittova: SUL FILO

1. Apertura
2. Due contro Tre
3. Senso Orario
4. Attese
5. Alle Spalle
6. Risvegli
7. Transizioni
8. Zeleny Vinecek / Green Wrap
9. Post it
10. Richiami
11. Rosso Mattone
12. Risoluzioni
13. Frammenti

Music by Iva Bittova and Paolo Angeli © 2019
Track 1T raditional elab. by Iva Bittova and Paolo Angeli
Zeleni Vínecek by Iva Bittova
Due contro Tre by Paolo Angeli

Editing Paolo Angeli
Mixing Paolo Angeli
Mastering Dave Bianchi Dry Town Studio (Barcelona) June 2019
Produced by Paolo Angeli ℗ Angeli Manuche Productions SCP

Distributed by ReR Megacorp
Distributed by Goodfellas

Photos: Nanni Angeli
Cover Nanni Angeli
Art work Ale Sordi

Thanks to: Nanni, Bobboio, Manuche, Borek, Wim, Carlos, Gianluca and Lucia, Matouš and Antonín.

Album Review

"...Thanks to a process of exploration and recovery of memory in a contemporary key, the duo Angeli Bittova builds, through the practice of improvisation, a hybrid music that shows traits of uniqueness, recognizable after hearing a few notes. In the music of the duo, you can feel a symbiosis between thought and action, the breathing of artisan popular simplicity and cultured complexity. You will listen to a and long suites that alternate the poetry of whispers to the striking force of screams..."